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Certified Foreclosure Specialist

Agent Packaging

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I do Short Sale Packaging for Real Estate Agents

If you have several short sale Listings and don't know if you are packaging them right or asking your clients for the right documentation that the banks now require, hire me to be your Short Sale Facilitator.

I will take care of all the Administrative work for you and negotiate with the lenders for you and your clients while you go out and get more listings.    

FEE ? NO CHARGE to Real Esate agent, I charge the lender an Administrative fee, instead of taking it out of your Listing commission like most of the companies do that offer this service.  I know you work hard for your commission because I have been a Realtor myself since 1998. So many companies out there charge a percentage of your listing fee and that's not fair. I don't want your money, I want your repeat business and referrals to other agents.  As the Short Sale Facilitator, the lender is happy to pay me a fee for handling the paperwork correctly.  They really are too busy to work with Listing agents that don't have all their ducks in a row. As the Listing agent, you don't have to sit on the phone with the lender (I know you all hate that anyway).  I will work hard for you, and fight for the deal because I only get paid with a successfully closed escrow, just like you. 

Call me today and have me take over your paperwork for the short-sale packaging.  You will know it is being done correctly by someone who has been trained and Certified especifically for your success and mine. Hire me and you can go out and List more properties with your free time.

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